Back to School Bootcamp: Week 1

Well Everyone….. August 1st has arrived and thats the final month of summer. Sad??? Or are you secretly Happy?? I for one have mixed feelings….give me 1 week into our family’s “Back to School Bootcamp” and I’m sure I’ll be ready for them to GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

Below is this years “Back to School Bootcamp”, bare with me this is our first year of making our own schedule. In the past I have let Pinterest be my BFF and followed (with revisions of our own) similar routines to get the kids, and lets face it ME back into the school routine. Cheers to early mornings everyone! Bleh 😦

I have tried to somewhat shadow what our schools normal routine would be, earlier lunch and “playtime” where recess would be. This is WEEK 1, I’ll have 4 weeks total with every week changing to fit closer to the needs of actually starting school. Times and what we do a well as how much of it we do will change and flow as the weeks progress.

Make sure to add in snacks and make everything fun so this transition is as smooth as possible! BEST OF LUCK!

I have attached our version and a blank version as well so you can download and print off one of your own if you choose to suffer with me! 😉



To download the above schedule OR the BLANK version of “Back To School Bootcamp” Week 1 Click Here , DOWNLOAD PASSWORD: 4261

May the force be with all my mommy friends!



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