Photography Bloopers

“Aren’t they so beautiful?”

…when you get your gallery and you see all your adorable gorgeous images?? Ever wonder what happened to the ones you didn’t see??

WELL here they are! For your viewing pleasure…my most favorite bloopers!


Oh they are sweet, soft, precious and you can never get enough newborn cuddles! My most favorites from this reel…when your baby’s gas is just TOO much, your cat decides he MUST be involved and when you gotta go you gotta GO!

2.THE Sibling Shot

You know when you see your friends pictures and their kids are sitting there so nicely and look so adorable, all smiles and happiness and you think to yourself….”Damn her, I bet her session was peaceful and was everything she imagined.” LET ME tell you! That is never how it happens!!! Someone’s always running off, squishing a baby, crying, glaring and or plain not even in the picture. Out of 1 perfect (well lets be real…close to perfect) sibling shot there are 20 terrible ones involving silliness, crying, sweating, yelling, bribing, m&m’s and more!

These gems below are exactly how it goes…parent hands in the picture, siblings refusing to cooperate, tears, baby dolls with missing arms, hulk in place of brother (tried to use Hulk as an example “see lay down like HULK”…it didn’t work), glares, wrestling, more crying, looks of help and even covering your kid brothers mouth! HA!

3. The Fall

Every Toddler session usually comes with a close call or a fall. Lets be honest, maybe I need a little spice in my life and love to put baby’s on high objects! LOL! As clumsy as most babies are it is a miracle I have yet to post these bloopers! And sorry parents but you are THE WORST catchers! LMAO! I usually have to tell my clients, “Ok, so you are their spotter. If you see them getting close to tipping over make sure to grab them. To do this effectly do NOT look to see if they are smiling! It’ll distract you and you’ll miss the catch.” BUT almost every time, from only about a foot or two away, sure enough they fall!

4. When its just going wrong!

Below you’ll find whats about normal in a toddler session. Giving them anything to distract them, running off the backdrops, crying, the “obsessive tongue”, crying, feet picking, throwing things, blinking and of coarse the “I’m gonna drive this book like a car” oh and more crying. LOL. Welcome to a normal session!

5. Checking my lighting.

When you use your daughters baby dolls to check the lighting before putting baby in. These girls looked super thrilled haha!

6. Those random weirdos.

Those kiddos that randomly start smiling like they’re in pain, or they now have a totally different smile then ever before and yep the goof balls…..the random weirdos….those are my kiddos Hahahaha!


Whatever your your next photo session brings, try and relax and enjoy! Embracing your child’s silliness and just understanding that will be is what will be will make your session more enjoyable!


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