8.20.2015 First IVF Consult


Running Balance thus far: $413*

Today Jason and I sat in a room with 3 other couples waiting for our first IVF consult to begin. No one made any eye contact, no one spoke to one another, just a sense of sadness, tension, anxiety and nerves.

One by one each couple left, some said nothing, others seemed shocked…”that was more in depth than I thought”, the other slipped out the back door. Looking back now Sundays weren’t only the offices day for new patient consults but for what I would call the “WTF appt.” WTF Appt= Your round failed, you are not pregnant, “what the fuck” happened appt. On these appts the back door was for when you had cried the entire appt discussing what happened and what we do different moving on with the Doctor and now you want to leave without anyone seeing your face.

Long after our appt time should have been we finally sat down with the Doctor.  Spending the last 3 weeks researching, talking with people who had gone through the process, even people who had gone to the same office, statistics and more helped move along our appt. We were able to discuss more into the actually process of how each appt worked, the results of my husbands SA (Semen Analysis), why IVF would be our best bet compared to a tubal reversal, how the cost of the cycle at their office was spread out, and where I was in my current cycle.

The average IVF Cycle Timeline:

Beginning: Starts on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle. Day 3 you start taking birth control. You follow out that cycle of birth control until instructed by your fertility Dr. to stop. Once Day 3 of your second menstrual cycle comes again within a few days you start taking meds.**

Middle: Starting between day 3-5 of your second menstrual cycle you start stimulating your ovaries**…aka you start hormone injections. You usually “stim” (stimulate) your ovaires for about 8-12 days depending on how your body reacts and what your Dr. says.

Somewhere in the middle: Once your ovaries and follicles are ready they do a process called an egg retrieval. This process is where the Dr. goes in (vaginally) and retrieves all the eggs you’ve grown. After retrieval they place the eggs in a little dish, add in or inject some top quality sperm, eggs hopefully fertilize then develop. Once the developing eggs have made it to day 3 or day 5 after they were retrieved they then place the eggs back in your body. At this point the eggs are now embryos. This process is called an egg transfer or “transfer” for short.

End: Once your transfer is complete there is usually a small period of bed rest you go through and as well as your “2ww” (2 week wait). During this time you just basically lose your mind. The 2ww is the time frame where your “PUPO” (pregnant until proven otherwise), usually its too soon to take an at home pregnancy test. The end of this cycle ends in a positive or negative pregnancy result.

TODAY we just happened to be on Day 3 which our Dr. informed us that we could start TODAY!!!! Freaking crap…TODAY! We could start TODAY if we wanted!!! I could hardly contain my grin as we left the office.

We made the final decision on the van ride home, called the office back and started our birth control pill TODAY!!! Holy cow, that was FAST! Here we gooooo!!!! Ekkk!

Next Appt: Consult

*Consult Cost: $253 , SA Cost: $130, Cash Price Birth Control Pill: $30

**This is based on an average cycle.



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