No More Gum!

Well Folks… I think its bound to happen to everyone with a daughter…Sis got gum in her hair. NOT just “got it in her hair”, she thought that she could chew it out! Any guesses how that went over?? Well it made it even worse! It wasn’t just 1 blob of gum in her hair, it was smashed, smeared and chewed to itty bitty little gum/blob/hair pieces. FML.

I went straight to youtube! Peanut butter seemed to be the number one at home gum/hair removal method but you can also use vegetable oil such as olive oil. The oils are used the exact same way as the peanut butter.

Also recommended is to use creamy peanut butter…ours is organic (the kind you mix and keep in the fridge) so its wasn’t super creamy but still did the job. I also opted to use peanut butter over the oils because I figured it’d be less runny…aka less messy.

The “look” when I took the camera out…

Gum in Hair-1

Gum in Hair-2HINT: You don’t need as much Peanut butter as you may think. I could have only used about a tablespoon and even that could have been a little much.

Before (left) and After (right) you can see how much I actually used.


  1. Add in peanut butter, massage in, let sit for a few minutes while the oils attach themselves to the gum.
  2. IF gum is in a blog the you tube videos make it look like you can just pull the glob out in one piece fairly easily. OURS was chewed up crushed bits SO after trying to pick it out I gave up and grabbed the brush and brushed out the chewed up bits.
  3. Once gum is removed wash hair to remove smell and oils.

We are now DONE with gum for awhile!

If anyone has any better tips or tricks on removing gum from hair PLEASE comment below, I’d love to know!


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