9/15/2015 Meds, Labs, Ultrasounds, Money “OH my”


Running Balance: $5273*


These last few weeks have drug on and on.

Since we started our Birth control cycle there hasn’t been much else to do. Just ticking down the days, trying to do keep my mind off of how slow this seems to be going.IMG_2145

One thing checked off the list is ordering our meds! Paying for those was a hard pill to swallow but that is one of the larger expenses that is now taken care of! Here is what they are and what they do:


  1. Menopur: injectable, stimulates ovaries to grow, matures follicles
  2. Follistim: injectable, stimulates ovaries
  3. Pregnyl: injectable, “Trigger Shot”, makes your body ovulate
  4. Ganarelix: injectable, prevents your body from ovulating until all your follicles are as mature as possible for your egg retrival.
  5. Estradiol: oral medication, gets your body ready for pregnancy, thickens the uterine lining
  6. Doxycycline: oral medication, prevent an infection
  7. Prednisone: oral medication, prevents my body’s immune system from attaking the fertalized egg(s) they anticipate to put back in
  8. Diazepam: oral medication, help sedate me during my egg retrieval
  9. Progesterone: injectable, helps maintain a pregnancy

We also started the BCP (Birth Control Pill) on the 30th, I am to stop taking it on 9/18/15 and we are anticipating my Day 1 of my menstrual cycle to be on 9/22/15. On day 1 of the new cycle I call to schedule a day 3 appointment including a BW (blood work) and US (ultrasound).

Todays appt I have been looking forward to since we scheduled it. Just something to tick off the checklist, getting closer to our BABY! One more step closer and frankly just happy to be doing something while this month drags.

If I only I knew how stupid I was excitedly walking into the office this am. The appointment was NOT fun! Stupid, stupid Bree. I was warned by my best friend too that this would not be enjoyable!

The fun we had today consisted of:

  1. Blood work…Lots of it!
  2. Labs
  3. Exam
  4. Ultrasound
  5. Pap smear
  6. Mock Transfer
  7. Sonohysterogram

I was mainly warned that the mock transfer and the sonohysterogram would be painful, lots of cramping. I have a high pain threshold so I was anticipating to feel some pain but possibly not as bad as I had read or heard it would be. To start… having a pap smear is never fun, the speculum is awkwardly uncomfortable and lets face it your spread WIDE eagle with some strangers face right up in your business! (Thank goodness things are maintained down there! Whew!)

THEN the mock transfer is next, speculum stays there …. the entire time people. Dr inserts the catheter which needs to pass through your cervix. This is where it can be painful for some women. I’m assuming that because I have already had children and I am basically walking around dilated to 3cm all the time that it was not very painful for me.

Once the Dr. has made it through your cervix and marked down any notations for future reference for your real transfer they move onto the sonohysterogram. This is where a small balloon at the end of the catheter is filled up and dye is released into your uterus. In doing so they are able to see where the dye flows and stops. Their looking for any abnormal shaping of your uterus, growths or masses and scar tissue. Anything that would tell them that an IVF transfer would unsuccessful.

Walked out of that appointment today feeling like I needed to take a hot shower and broke as a joke! We are cash pt’s (no we ARE NOT rich) and even if insurance covered some of what we had to do it’s still a large chunk of change. (I’ll have a whole separate post on the entire break down of costs, etc later on).

Todays Appt:

  1. Ultrasound $121
  2. Blood work $14
  3. Labs $475
  4. Consult $250
  5. Exam $218
  6. Sono/US $557
  7. TODAYS TOTAL: 1,635

Total For Medication: $3,225*

*Rounded Number

One thing down…many more to go but we are getting so excited!!!





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