9/17/15 Injection Training!!!


Running Total: $5,346*


Our meds ARE HERE! YAY! Eveything is put away in the fridge and organized in our bedroom, hidden from children, just waiting to be used!

My husband is nervous…it’s ALOT of needles!

Growing up my mom would tell me stories of having 4 nurses holding me down just to get shots. Believe me, needles and shots were not my thing but now knowing what needs to be done and knowing I need to be a big grown up girl and do this…do this to myself…somehow the thought doesn’t seem too bother me anymore.

The morning of our injection training, this is an appointment where the nurse goes over all your medications and shows you how to inject them, was crazy. We were running a tad bit late and I COULD NOT find underwear to go with the dress I was wearing. Yes, thats a thing. Really not that big of a deal, its not like I’ve never gone commando before…its a long dress. It’ll be fine.

The appointment is going great, I feel way more comfortable with my medications now having gone over them with her. And THEN….she says “ok, now time to practice” Ummmmm….what? I thought she was joking at first but nope! She actually needs to see me do some of the injections.

“Maybe just roll up your dress, and you can just do it in your underwear?”

HA! “Wellllllll…..about that….. I’m not wearing any underwear.”

She busts out laughing. How freaking embarrassing!

The nurse grabbed a blanket and helped me stay “covered” while I showed her how to do my stomach and thigh injections. Then she tells my husband “it’s your turn!”

Did I mention that this whole time he was in the corner looking like he was going to pass out while I injected saline solution into my body. He’s not a fan of needles or seeing me in pain. When she told him that and I don’t think I have ever seen him go so white. Bahahahahaaa! 

We are now down one more appt and at this point just waiting for my period to start. Should be soon! So crazy that this is all happening and we are getting so close to starting our next chapter adding another member to our family!

Injection Training: $73

*Rounded Number

(Ekk)~ B

All posts are backdated from when we started this a year ago. I’ll be posting a couple times a week until we are up to date!

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