Tacoma Photographer | Editing with Purchased Presets | Lightroom Edits

I love presets!!!……but when I first started purchasing them I was under the impression it would be a one stop, quick fix, push this button, be done type of thing.

Ya, stupid I know!

But the more and more I’ve grown I still love all my presets and mainly the brushes! OMG the brushes….. people these brushes are amazing!!! When editing newborns specialty brushes are a MUST! You have a brush to remove red, remove magenta, smooth skin, add more eyelash contrast….oh the list could drag on forever!

Though I quickly learned that my ideals of a one stop, one push button fix wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

I still love my presets….but all of my images are tweaked beyond the one push preset and now have my own personal presets. This is how I discovered my “editing style.” I have a very “vinatgey, hazy, creamy” feel to my images. This is my editing style…what makes me…ME! I’d like to hope that if you came across one of my images randomly somewhere you would be able to know that I took it.

That being said my favorite presets are from Pretty Presets. I’d say I have about 75% of their arsenal of presets. Though honestly I only use 2-3 preset out of every collection, but I can’t live without those presets. LOL! Purchasing the entire collection is worth it to me!

Below is my newest purchase, the “Enchanted Garden Collection.” and I have done the one push button edits for the same image and no other editing for your viewing pleasure!


These rest are my favorites (for blogging purposes I choose more than 2 or 3) but tweaked (fine tuned editing) to my liking as well as used a secondary preset of theirs for an added look…cool center, soft vignette, etc.

Below you’ll find my “Tweaked” Edit as well as the tweaked lightroom edit history for each image as well as:

  1. SOOC
  2. One push Edit
  3. My Tweaked Edit

  so you can easily see the progression.

********* AZALEA **********

Tweaked Azalea-39


********** BLUEBELL B&W **********

Tweaked Bluebell B&W-113938588_1211832948869382_1491398935561986680_n

********** DAFFODIL **********

Tweaked Daffodil-113900240_1211832958869381_621913930524962940_n

********** LILY OF THE VALLEY **********

Tweaked Lily of the Valley-113901391_1211832995536044_5266624700591042188_n

********** LOTUS **********

Tweaked Lotus-113879281_1211833035536040_5947000836740662218_n

********** PEONY **********

Tweaked Peony-113939546_1211833075536036_7593796262478073540_n

********** SWEET CREAM **********

Tweaked Sweet Cream-113901549_1211833082202702_2387554300898817684_n

Happy Editing~B


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