9/28/15 WTF Lead Follicle Problems

9/28/2015 (remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $5,838*

Ending note from last appt: “Before leaving the office the nurse assures me this number will be just fine, I should have all those follies (follicles) respond well to stimulation because again “I’m Young” (I’m 30) and everything should be great! My estrogen looks great as well!”





Well….just F*** it all. WTF! Thats all I really want to say.

Appointment today can be summed up like this:

Blood draw and Ultrasound. You know somethings wrong when the nurse goes very quiet shortly after the ultrasound starts. I have no clue what to look for or whats going on and so far she’s been really great about turning the monitor around so I can see as she shows me each little thing. Today I laid there feeling all alone…wondering what was different about todays appt.

She’s done. Still quiet. I get ready and walk out to meet her.

The nurse informs me that I have a lead follicle (what does that mean?) and her recommendations are that we cancel the cycle (ummmm…what?).

Heres the break down:

During a normal, natural cycle of pregnancy your body has a small handful of follicles in each ovary. These follicles are all in different stages of maturity and all different sizes. Once your body is ready to ovulate it decides “ok, lets use this follicle” and that follicle grows and makes the egg that will be dropped from your ovary to your fallopian tube and ready to be fertilized. Each follicle has all the ingredients to make an egg.

During an IVF or IUI cycle they want as many follicles as possible so they can get as many eggs as possible. I slightly went over my follicle count on our first monitoring appt. During an IVF cycle they want as many eggs they can get so you get the best chances possible for good quality eggs to make it to the end. During all my research it seems like the average odds are about half; for example: you harvest 12 eggs, half of those fertilize so you now have 6 eggs and half of those make it and are healthy enough to transfer back in, so out of the 12 you only get 3. Thats not very many chances.

(I’m getting to detailed now)

SO we started with a low follicle count and now we have a lead follicle. A lead follicle is when ONE follicle has taken the lead and said “I’m going to make the egg” and the others have decided to not grow and be lazy. SO even though I am injecting myself with a ton of freaking meds and hormones and shit into my body to get them to ALL grow at once my body is NOT responding and deciding to just do the normal thing and just produce one egg. Damn body.

Here are my follicle counts:

  1. Left Ovary: 1-10×9, 2-9×8, 3-4×4, 4-4×2
  2. Right Ovary: 1-14×10 Lead Follie, 2-10×5, 3-8×5, 4-4×4 (sizes in mm)14330112_1245925688793441_5825244802770035805_n

OH and guess what….. we only have 8 DAMN follicles now…we had 12 two days ago. Just a real great day ya’ll!

SO why do they recommend to cancel the cycle?

Canceling the cycle at this point is recommended because of the low follicle count and having the lead follicle already. If we canceled this cycle and started over we could possibly have a better follicle count and no lead follicle next round.

After many questions, lots of tears I left the office unsure, disappointed and at a loss for words. The final choice is up to us….and I have no idea what to do. We are already into this cycle almost $6,000…starting over would be a huge hit and I’m not sure when we could cycle next, my schedule is very limited.


Todays Appt:

  1. Bloodwork: $125
  2. US: $121

Total Today: $246


*rounded number

Blog Posts to come soon per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF

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