10/3/2015 Trigger

10/2/2015 (remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $12,658*

Yes folks….we decided to keep moving forward! AND we trigger TONIGHT!

We decided to move forward even though they suggested we cancel this cycle due to our lead follicle. Our reasonings for continuing to move forward was the fact that my schedule is extremely difficult to work around and the next time we could do another cycle wouldn’t be for another 3-4 months. Another reason was we were already into this cycle a good $5,000 from all the bloodwork, ultrasounds, meds, etc. To start a whole new cycle would mean to order more meds to replace the meds we have already used and all the monitoring we have already done would be all for nothing.

The office left the decision up to us and said IF we decided to continue on our protocol would change…also meaning we’d need to buy more meds asap! More meds = more money!!!

Heres the new schedule:

  1. Raised my Follistim Dosage (grows the follicle/eggs) from 225 to 300
  2. Started Ganirelix earlier than anticipated (stops ovulation)
  3. Daily monitoring, bloodworm, ultrasound appts.

The hope is that by starting the hormone that suppresses or stalls my ovulation it will slow down that large lead follicle and raising the hormone that stimulates the eggs will get the smaller ones to grow to catch up to the larger one. Fingers crossed this works!


9/29/15 Appt:

  1. Bloodwork: $125
  2. US: $121
  3. Ordered More Meds: $690

Raised my Menopur (helps mature the eggs) dosage. Still 8 follies total, but we are thinking only 4 of those are large enough to produce a mature egg. Alittle down because 4 eggs is not a lot to work with. BUT the 2 on the left side are catching up to the lead follicle! YA!14433155_1246594175393259_1704204055899610994_n


9/30/15 Appt:

  1. Bloodwork: $125
  2. US: $121

All meds have stayed the same. In a surprising twist we had a bunch of little follies show up on the right side! Looks like our number of follicles has increased to 9! 9 people!!!! THOUGH this is exciting these smaller ones probably won’t be large enough to produce a healthy mature egg. We went from 4 possible eggs to now 5 eggs that may mature!

The range a follicle needs to be for it to have the ability to produce a mature egg is around 22-25 mm in diameter. You can see below the numbers of each follicle marked as 16x11mm etc. We have a projected 2-3 more days to grow as many of these follicles as I can to that size…the outlook is not that great 😦14322425_1246594145393262_7998497369534431318_n


10/1/15 Appt:

  1. Bloodwork: $125
  2. US: $121

Appointment today was kinda quiet again. That scares me when the nurse is quiet. She also didn’t mark down how many follicles there was just how many we can hope for will make it. We also talked about the possibility of triggering tomorrow. Its been so hard to try and plan around the trigger date, the egg retrieval and the transfer. This has probably been my worst scheduling nightmare ever, the stress has been terrible!! I’m trying to just let it go and just take it day by day but it’s been extremely hard to do. AND on top of that the extra meds I ordered didn’t make it in time and I literally lost it!!! Ugly crying, the whole nine yards!  Our Dr. was able to find some or borrow some or I don’t even freaking care where the h*ll he got them but I literally showed up today, grabbed my drugs from him in the parking lot, mixed them in the van and injected myself in my car….no shame in the game.

Still looking like 5 eggs to anticipate. We no longer have ONE lead follicle which is great! Possibly 1 or 2 more days…come on follies GROW!



10/2/15 Appt: 

  1. Bloodwork: $125
  2. US: $121

HEY….lookie there! We have MORE follicles kicking into gear over here!!!!

Our “posible” egg count has been upped to 6 eggs! The newer protocol seems to be helping  and we are able to delay the trigger and we’re just going to see how far we can go!

On other notes my lining is looking fabulous as well as my estrogen levels! So relieved to be getting some better news!



10/3/15 Appt:

  1. Bloodwork: $125
  2. US: $121
  3. Egg Retrieval $4,900 for 10/5/15

Today was the last motoring appt and we trigger TONIGHT! I’m so excited and nervous all at the same time! I’ll be completely happy to have these eggs out of my body to get fertilized and let them do their thing.

When you “trigger” that refers to taking an HCG hormone injection that tells your brain and body to go ahead and do the final touches on the eggs you have been growing and to go ahead and drop those eggs. Since we don’t want the eggs to actually “drop” into my tubes we have to time the injection and the egg retrieval very carefully so the eggs are mature and ready but don’t drop yet. Its about 36 hours from the trigger shot to when you need to do the egg retrieval.

Looking like we have a number of about 5 or 6 possible mature eggs still but we have a good handful more follicles that really tried their best to grow and make it to the end. Fingers crossed that within the next few days those will sprout up and we may get one or two more surprise eggs.

(date below is wrong, it should have been 10-3-15)14322558_1246594075393269_4021051205514194575_n

Total from these dates : $6,820


*rounded number

Blog Posts to come soon per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF

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