10/11/2015 Embryo Report

10/11/2015 (remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $16,712*


Just a heads up everyone…..I’m officially PREGNANT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE aka PUPO teeheeeeheeee! I know it doesn’t sound pretty but what it means is absolutely wonderful!!!

I’m on a full 4 day bed rest! YIKES! I know, sounds a bit excessive but while I rest here is our full embryo report for your viewing pleasure!


10/5/2015 Fertilization, below is Jason’s “washed” sperm swimming to my eggs!!!!

Since he has a large % of sperm with deformities they do a process called “washing the sperm”, which I think they now do with all sperm regardless. A quick definition by yours truly….the process of removing the bad, icky, deformed sperm, in turn leaving only good ones for fertilization.


10/6/2015 Our babies!!! Or embabies (get it…embryo+babies=embabies) LOL!



10/7/2015 Two embryo’s halted…stopped “doubling” or growing what ever you would like to call it. You can see it in the top right of the video that there is one egg that doesn’t have the smaller circular cells inside of the egg like the others do . We still have 7 though!



10/8/2015 We made it past the 3 day transfer mark which means our little eggies are growing and maturing healthy and just like they should! Scheduled our 5 day transfer! 16865106_1409450589107616_1181757578316837022_n


10/10/2015 The day has arrived that we put a baby in my tummy…well in my uterus if you need me to be technical. We had 6 little embryo’s make it to market!!! Still great odds for only having 12! That means half made it! Way better to be expected from what we’ve gone through on this cycle. I would have honestly been happy if we had 2 make it to the final round.

After talking with our Dr and the Embryologist we decided to put 2 babies back in me and freeze the other 4. The chances of this whole thing working are about 40%, the chances that both eggs stick and its twins is even less coming in at about 25%. We’ve already discussed the risk of putting in two and getting two out of the deal and we are fully aware of it being a possibly.

This video is of the assisted hatching. Its not the clearest but here you see the egg being carefully held in place and another instrument gently brushing off the outer clearish layer of the embyro. You see the mass of cells (the embryo/blastocyst) moving towards the outer lining of the egg. Once inside the uterus the mass of cells will fully coming out and (should) implant into the uterin lining. 16864288_1409450565774285_1279927867670881992_n



How embryo (technically at day 5 the egg is considered a blastocyst) grading works.

Grading by number: (Information thanks to www.atlantainfertility.com)

  1. Grade 1 The embryo has the appropriate cell number for stage of development and the cells are even in their size and shape. The embryos should have little or no fragmentation (small amounts of extracellular debris) between cells.
  2. Grade 2 The embryo has the correct development of cell numbers with a small amount of fragmentation (<20% fragmentation), or slight uneveness of blastomere sizes.
  3. Grade 3 The embryo contains blastomeres that are uneven in size and has more than 30% fragmentation.  Embryos developing slowly will also receive a grade of 2 or 3 even if they are normal otherwise.
  4. Grade 4 The embryo contains very few, if any, viable appearing cells and has a high percent fragmentation (over 50%).

Grading by Letter: (Image Thanks to blogger “PCOS To Mommy

A is best quality and gradually going down the alphabet to the poorest quality.2015-01-18-from-egg-to-embryo-2

Our Blastocyst Grades: 1 AA, 1 AA, 1 BA, 1 AA, 1 AB & 1 BA. We transferred two 1AA grade embyros.

Now another waiting game! 2ww here we come!

Egg Transfer Costs:

  1. Embryo Transfer: $677
  2. Prep For Embryo: $442
  3. Embryo Freezing: $695

Total from Egg Transfer: $1,814


*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF

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