10/8/2015 Egg Retrieval Day!

10/8/2015 (remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $14,898*


Since we’ve triggered I get to start these wonderful injections called “PIO” or Progesterone In Oil. These injections are wicked and evil! As you draw up the meds and transfer over the huge needle that will soon be in your behind you stare at it loathing the pain but loving the idea behind it. Such a mind game…a true love/hate relationship. OH did I mention we do this nightly! *sigh*

Why the awful shot? The progesterone is what keeps your body from miscarrying the baby or embyro. Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the body produced by your ovaires. It signals to your brain and body “hey, we are growing a baby, don’t shed your uterine lining.” So every night my husband gives me a progesterone shot right in the rear so we can keep this baby/babies that will soon be in my uterus!!!! (this is the love part)

Smoothest and least painful injection routine:

  1. Place vial of Progesterone between your boobs. No really, this will warm up the oil and make it easier to push through the needle and into your bum.
  2. Ice, Ice, Baby! While vial is between your boobs ice your bum! You want to ice that sucker until it is past the painful stage and completely numb!
  3. Remove vial, draw up your meds and inject…making sure your spouse got it in the iced area. P.S. make sure to have some tissue ready for any oil or blood that leaks out.
  4. Apply warm rice bag or heating pad for an ample amount of time.

Egg Retrieval

Then the day came where they harvested (lol) my eggs, and thank goodness those puppies were so tender. I couldn’t even walk or pee without being in some sort of pain from how heavy my ovaires were.

The retrieval went great! I popped a valium and was put to sleep for the entire thing……. ok, ok…to be honest I was crying right before because of all the anticipation and excitement and nerves and emotions…we’re going to have a baby!!!!! *sigh*

They sent me home to rest and called us later with a fertilization report! They collected a total of 12 eggs….freaking 12 people! I was in shock because of our lead follicle issues I was expecting maybe half that! Out of those 12 eggs a majority appeared to be mature and as of 1:45 that day 9 of those 12 eggs had been fertilized!! We couldn’t have been happier with those numbers!

The next thing up is another waiting game…always with the waiting games! We should be getting a call in the next 2-3 days with a new embyro report and then again (hopefully) another call 2 days after to schedule our transfer! Fingers crossed for a 5 day transfer! (most of the time you will either have a 3 day or a 5 day transfer, usually but not always a 5 day transfer means the embryos are healthier)


Egg Retrieval Costs:

  1. Ultrasound Guidance: $314
  2. IVF, Oocyte Identification: $440
  3. Cult. & Fert. of Oocyte: $726
  4. Density Gradient: $178
  5. Embryo Hatching: $582

Total from Egg Retrieval: $2,240

Definitions for IVF purposes (in my terms:

  1. Oocyte: a cell in the follicle that has the potential to be an egg.
  2. IVF, Oocyte Identification: (this is a guess, I found nothing online..to be fair I didn’t dig) process of selecting possible mature Oocyte (eggs).
  3. Cult. & Fert. of Oocyte: process of collecting and fertilizing the eggs
  4. Density Gradient: process of selecting healthy sperm.
  5. Embryo Hatching: process in which the embryologists assists the fertilized egg in hatching, doing this can increase success rates.


*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF

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