10/18/15 2WW Woes

10/18/2015(remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $16,712*

Our Beta is just days away and I am getting really nervous! Yet another waiting game and this one has been the worst!

My husband is amazing and bought me a good stash of at home pregnancy tests (hpt)! I decided to start testing on day 4 after transfer to make sure my trigger was fully out of my system. You do this because the trigger shot that we took to stimulate ovulation carries HCG in it. HCG is the same chemical that is naturally produced by the implanted embyro signally to your body that you are pregnant.

Day 4 (4 days after my egg transfer) my trigger was still faint so I tested again the next day and nothing. This is good, it does not mean anything. It’s way to early to even be testing to see if were pregnant yet. Though that didn’t stop me from testing every day after hahhaaha!!! Peeing on a stick is shockingly addicting.

Once you start testing….you can’t stop! Like seriously, can NOT stop, its a problem!

Day 6 (6 days after transfer) I got a super, super faint, like super faint line! OMG! We’re pregnant! OMG! I knew this would work!!! Its freaking THERE! Can you see it!?!?!?!


WELLLLLLL….after freaking out to my bff I learned that the blue line tests can not be reliable! WHAT?!?!?! The blue color dye can “run” into where the “positive” line should be showing a false positive.

Sooooo what do you do???? What else…. buy MORE tests! Pee on more sticks!!!

Day 7, 8 and 9 all Negative, no line. I’m now loosing faith…fast, I feel like now this didn’t work. I know its still too early, could still be too early. “But the blue line test” is all I can think back to hold me from drowning in my doubt. It was there, is there. Now I know why people choose to not test. I could pee on a any stick day and night, hour by hour just hoping to see a different result.

Our Beta…aka our blood test to confirm pregnancy is just a few days away. Just gotta make it to then.

Until next time….I’m still over here peeing on everything!


*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF

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