2/28/16 Transfer #2

2/21/2016(remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $19,554*

Alittle differently written style post today….enjoy my timeline of events!!!

1/28/16 Where we left off, my last post! If you missed it click HERE!

Welcome to February…the month of FET!

Monday 2/1/16

  • Today was my second ever acupuncture appt and a full length one too! The last time I was in we went over everything. And I mean everything…well…after we got past my crying that is…Lame Bree Lame! But seeing as it was my ‘New Patent” appt we didn’t get in a full acupuncture session. To say today was relaxing is an understatement! I now don’t go anywhere without recommending acupuncture to everyone!

Tuesday 2/2/16

  • Cycle Day 1, crazy enough…it was basically on time! Hellllllo Aunt Flow!
  • Changed Lupron dose from 10 units to 5 units now. Lupron is the drug/hormone that suppresses the ovaires, so I don’t grow eggs this cycle.

Thursday 2/4/16

  • 7:00 am Dr appt in Tacoma.
  • Follicle and lining check, all looks good!
  • Continue Lupron 5 Units, start 2 mg Estradiol every 12 hours (to add in lining growth)

Monday 2/8/16

  • Another acupuncture appt, I’m now in LOVE!
  • Talked about how my tongue looked….ya i know, weird but it’s an acupuncture/Chinese medicine thing.
  • Now focusing on keeping the core warm. We don’t want any energy being taken from my core and uterus. To add in this I started drinking warm liquids, eating warm “in season foods”, as well as other specific foods items based on tongue appearance.
  • Acupuncture needles are still in the same areas mainly; feet, ankles, lower legs, hands and wrists, face, top of the head and one tummy one.

Wednesday 2/10/16

  • Dr. appt, Ultrasound only
  • Both Ovaries have several small follicles (this is good).
  • Continue 5 Unit Daily Lupron Injections.
  • Up Estradiol to 2 mg every 6 hours.

Saturday 2/13/16

  • Another Dr. appt, Ultrasound Only
  • Both Ovaries still have several small follicles (again this is good)
  • My lining is looking better, measuring about 3.7mm on each side for a total of 7.4. During a normal cycle your uterine lining is about 6-8mm in thickness on average. Though mine should be good I’ve learned that with IVF the “bigger the better” in a sense. So we’ll still keep trudging along!
  • Daily 5 unit Lupron Injections still.
  • Estradiol is now on an “off and on alternating schedule”. Still taking it every 6 hours but amount will be every other; one dose will be 2mg and the next 4mg. More estrogen = thicker lining.

Tuesday 2/16/16

  • Another 7:00am Dr. appt in Tacoma, Ultrasound Only
  • Both Ovaries still have several small follicles (good news)
  • My uterine lining is now 5.0 on each side giving me a total of a 10mm lining…def feeling “full”.
  • I’ll be stopping the Lupron injections now.
  • Estradiol will increase again to 4mg every 6 hours.
  • Begin Prednisone.
  • Begin Progesterone Injections, these are those nasty ones with the huge needle right in the rear that my lovely husband gets to do. Funny thing is…even though its the most painful one I’m so looking forward to what it means and what will hopefully become!
  • SCHEDULED our FET (the embryo transfer…aka where we put baby(s) in appt).

Friday 2/19/16

  • Acupuncture appt.
  • The stress relief from todays appointment was so worth the wait!
  • Talked about positive visualization for Sundays transfer, I’m still struggling to stay on a positive note and not let those memories of our failed cycle seep in.
  • Acupuncture lady put some pressure point beads in my ear and instructed me when and how often to use them. They’ll stay in until after my transfer. Whats crazy???…the resemblance an embryo actually has to your ear and where organs are and the pressure points reflecting those can match up. She kind of blew my mind today.
  • In the picture see the crazy resemblance in shape to where the shape of the head, body and tail of the embryo to the adult ear???

Saturday 2/20/16

  • We bought a carseat….I was still struggling with staying positive and feeling happy thoughts towards our upcoming transfer and you know what happens when you get sucked into Target. The carseat was on sale and it made me HAPPY….so we bought it! HA!
  • On a positive note we’ll be needing this carseat after this cycle!


Sunday 2/21/16 TRANSFER DAY!!!

  • Before you ask, “No….I didn’t install the carseat” LMAO!!!!
  • What we did do is discuss with the Dr and Embryologist about transferring 2 or 3 eggs in this cycle. This had me nervous because they normal don’t talk about transfering  3 eggs in unless one or more of the eggs are not of good quality or if they wouldn’t make it to freezing again. (For my post about our egg quality click HERE). Our eggs are still great quality…whew!
  • The thing is the more eggs you transfer oddly the better the chances. Not just because your upping your odds by adding another in but the eggs can actually help another egg implant. Like a cheerleading squad in my uterus!
  • Another good point is we are spending a large chunk of change on each transfer and if we add in an egg, we up our chances, we possibly will have a better success rate and this transfer would work….in turn not having to do another transfer…in turn saving that money we would spend on on another transfer and NOT needing the last cycle.
  • THOUGH on many other notes we are talking about transferring 3 eggs in!!!!…….UMMMMM like they could ALL stick around and we now have TRIPLETS! (insert whatever face you please…shock, horror, crying, laughing, etc)
  • If we trasnfered 3 we still have 1 lone egg left…though if we save that 3rd egg for another round we could transfer another even 2 in.
  • What was the deciding factor you ask??? A day or two before we came in, the office had found out that one of their patients (who had decided on 3) found out that all 3 stuck….that doesn’t happen often but the fact it did made everyone nervous.
  • We choose to stay with even numbers and stick with putting 2 little frosty embabies back in.
  • Thawed all 4 eggs, embryologist picked the best 2 and we transferred those in!
  • Refroze our last 2 eggs.
  • Officially PUPO…..again.
  • Home and Bedrest.

Monday 2/22/16 (Day 1 After 5 Transfer)

  • Strict Bedrest.
  • I wasn’t as strict on the last cycle so this time I am going by exactly what Dr says….4 long days in bed, I’m allowed to go pee but other than that back to bed.

Tuesday 2/23/16 (Day 2 After 5 Transfer)

  • Strict Bedrest.

Wednesday 2/24/16 (Day 3 After 5 Transfer)

  • More Bedrest.
  • Still doing the progesterone injections daily.

Thursday 2/25/16 (Day 4 After 5 Transfer)

  • LAST DAY of bed rest! Whaaaaaahooooooo!!!!!!
  • Feeling lots of twinges on one side, this has been really exciting. Hopefully those little eggie(s) are finding a good nice, comfy spot to burrow in!
  • Had an acupuncture appt today, she said my pulse felt “slippery”, I had to google that but its a good sign that we may be pregnant!
  • I haven’t tested at home yet, I’m trying to hold off as long as possible.

Friday 2/26/16 (Day 5 After 5 Transfer)

  • Still haven’t tested…I am amazed at my will power!
  • The count down to my beta has gone down and I have 5 more torturous days! It’s going to drag!

Friday 2/27/16 (Day 6 After 5 Transfer)

  • Nope..I didn’t test yet…aren’t you shocked! But OHHHHH how I want to!
  • Still feeling twinge type cramping, still on the same side. This a good sign that the eggs could be implanting!
  • 4 days left until BETA

Saturday 2/28/16 (Day 7 After 5 Transfer)

  • I went to a baby shower today, I impressed myself….I handled it very well. After our last failed cycle I could barely talk to anyone pregnant without wanting to cry my eyes out. But I KNOW that I have 2 embryos…fully fertilized and placed in my nice, thick lining. I KNOW they are there. Just that thought soothes me. “There are two babies inside me”
  • Broke down after the shower and bought a test. Negative….but it is early and its not going to bother me yet….I just “feel” pregnant! This cycle had to work!

Totals from 2/1-2/21/16 Appts:

  1. $609.00 (US & Blood Work)
  2. $1,099.00 (Frozen Embryo Transfer)
  3. $80.00 (Chiropractic, $40/visit)
  4. $260.00 (Acupuncture, $65/Cash Visit)

Total: $2,048.00


*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF

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