3/14/2016 What are we missing?

3/14/2016(remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $19,554*



Ya, it’s me again. Just basically bleeding out from our last failed IVF/FET transfer.

“We got no money, we got no baby….our pets heads are falling off!”…..Sorry…bad joke? Well this all seems to be one stupid, annoying, frustrating joke!

WHY is this not working!

Before we went into yet another WTF appointment to discuss why this isn’t working I dug my head into gallons upon gallons of research. I am not going to sit through another “meeting” where we learn nothing…aka the meeting with the Dr where nothing is answered, I cry through 5 tissue boxes (ok, to be fair they are the tiny, mini sized ones) and we leave hopeless. I want answers, I want tests, I want these last babies to stick! What else can we be doing?

Heres my research and the answers…..or what we we’re left with:


Q: Can we do genetic testing on the remaining eggs?

IF these eggs have genetic issues and thats why it isn’t working we’d rather save some money and go into another cycle.

To be honest with ourselves….yes, I have had proven fertility. BUT it has been with another partner. I hated to say that in front of my husband but it’s a valid question. “Maybe our baby making chromosomes aren’t compatible ?”

A: The answer is yes…we can test the remaining eggs, BUT its very costly to do this after the fact AND our eggs most likely would not survive the testing. We have already froze, thawed and then refroze these last ones AND these are our lower quality eggs. They most likely wouldn’t make another thaw, then freeze and then thaw again for another possible transfer.

Q: Can Jason and I undergo genetic testing and find out that way?

A: Yes, but it wouldn’t be very helpful in this situation…with deciding to use our last eggs or not. And again…it’d be very costly….we’re talking like 4k!


Q: What are your thoughts on a modified, lighter bed rest?

Thanks to a  friend who tipped me off to the idea; that a longer bed rest can actually hinder good implantation. Further research of my own proved her fact to be correct. On average the prescribed amount of bed rest across the country and even over seas is 1-2 days if ANY!  The research states that the natural shape of the uterus and the cervix while in the standing position can be more functional to “cradling” the embryos as well as the blood flow from the movement and not being stuck in bed does a huge part in adding to good circulation to the uterus in turn helping…not hindering implantation. My office is THE only one in my research that does a 4 DAY bed rest.


A: Their office has always done a 4 day bed rest, and where he went to school he was taught that as well. And he still highly recommends the 4 days.

Side note: I have decided to go against my Dr’s orders and will be doing my own modified bed rest. I’m not sure what that’ll be yet but the research from other RE’s world wide and the stats are all for a lesser bed rest time. Though I won’t be telling the Dr. or nurse staff about my decision. Thank goodness my husband is behind me 100%, its never a comforting feeling to go against what your Dr says….especially when so much is on the line. We both figure, “I’ve done what he recommended not once but twice, neither time worked. We are open to try something new”


Q: Is there any other testing we can do on me before we put babies back in that would possibly change anything.

There are a few different studies out there that have different protocol after the transfer or more testing on my thyroid, etc. Is there anything we haven’t thought of?

A: All of my initial labs looked just fine, but we will perform the normal ones again before the next transfer if you like. The others…you guessed it are very costly and aren’t usually done or reccomended until after the 3rd or 4th failed round. (dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…”lets waste a ton of money, go through crazy emotional ups & downs and THEN do extra testing”)


Q: Have you ever done a Natural Frozen Transfer before? Are we good candidates to do that?

A natural FET (frozen embryo transfer…aka where they put the frozen baby(s) in my uterus) is where we don’t do any drugs. No hormone injections. No estrogen pills. No nothing. We just let my body naturally prep for ovulation, once ovulation happens we put the frozen embryos in my uterus as if they were naturally fertilized and came down from my fallopian tubes and settled into my uterus.

My argument for this was since quote “you have proven fertility” per the Dr. Why don’t we let my body naturally try and do its thing? I function very well on no hormones so why not try this the natural path?…well as natural as we can make it at this point while still categorizing what we are doing as “IVF”.

A: YES. (Ummmm hold up…can you repeat that? That was a……yes?) YES! He is fine letting us try and do a Natural FET…well, very close to one. I’d still need to do all the normal “after transfer protocol” like the progesterone, etc. But all leading up to it I can do drugless! *sigh* finally we are getting somewhere! I have one answer I’m happy with!


We also discussed what the future would hold regarding if this last transfer with the last 2 eggs didn’t work. Not that I was wanting to already be a negative nancy but I needed to know what our next options could be IF it didn’t. Personally for me the gap between the failure and not knowing whats next is awful. Just knowing what the plan is next keeps me focused on whats not.


Things that I didn’t really touch base on with him were my gobbs and gobbs of research on supplements I could be adding in or taking. I do know before when I was doing medicated cycles that Chinese herbs were a no no, but now with the natural cycle every things a go!

Supplements I take or will be taking:

  1. Prenatal (all natural Smarty Pants Brand)
  2. Iron (my prenatal does not have one included)
  3. Vitamin E
  4. B-Complex
  5. Royal Jelly
  6. Coq10
  7. Chinese Herbs
  8. Folic Acid
  9. Raspberry Leaf Tea

Other random things I’ll be adding in or continuing:

  1. Chiropractic
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Drinking Warm Liquids
  4. Eating only warm foods
  5. Juicing
  6. Eating red foods: beets, red peppers, raspberries (these are good “blood” nutrient foods, good for lining)
  7. Eating pineapple core
  8. Pom Juice
  9. Keeping my feet and core warm
  10. Eating Brazil Nuts

Yes….I have boarded the crazy train and long since departed from the station!

We will be going right into another cycle with no time to spare. Instead of doing all the normal monitoring appointments that come with the FET I’ll just do ovulation tests at home starting after my mid cycle ultrasound. Tentatively set for mid March.

I’m so excited to be a little less “hormonal crazy” LOL



Appt Yesterday:

  1. FREE

*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF, Q & A with Me

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