3/28/16 Natural FET a GO?

3/ 28 /2016(remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $20,172*

(insert heavy sarcasm) “YAY…..look who’s $20,000 richer!?!?!….not f**king us thats for sure!”

As you can see our Running Total hit the 20k mark…..no we are not rich.

You don’t walk into this whole thing knowing its going to be over $20,000. You start by them giving you a number like $5,900….then you decide “ya, we can make that work”. Well thats how it starts and then you have one failed round and it spirals out of control. (Blog Post of the Financial Breakdown of IVF to come soon)

Since our last appt we have decided to do a Natural Frozen Embryo Transfer. Our reasonings behind deciding to try a natural fet was because I have had prove fertility with the other kids. Our hopes are that maybe my body will function better naturally and with a more hands off, natural approach. And just maybe we will have a final, successful transfer and those last 2 embryos will stick around.

No hormone injections, no extra drugs. Just me letting my body do things naturally.

Cycle Day 1 (3/8/16) I started my period late as usual.

Cycle Day 1 is the start of your Menstrual Phase (cycle days 1-5)…aka you period…we should all know this. What is this phase actually for though? This is where you are shedding your lining that your uterus had built up in anticipation for an embryo (baby). No Baby implanted so the lining is no longer needed.

Also during this time what is called your Follicular Phase (cycle days 1-13) also gears up. This is the phase where your body starts to grow eggs. After your period is finished your body doesn’t miss a beat and it starts to grow your lining back up in preparation for another egg. No down time for your hard working uterus!

As your follicles grow bigger, the one (usually) that is bigger decides it will be THE one to grow your egg and prepare it for ovulation.

During this time I don’t need to do anything special at the office. I’ll keep up with my vitamins and supplements, I’m drinking my tea, keeping my feet, core and uterus warm and when I can, get into see the acupuncturist. All of this in hopes for growing a nice thick, defined, luscious lining.

Towards the end of the follicular phase I will start testing for a possible LH (luteinizing hormone) surge. Also called taking an “ovulation test”.

I purchased the more expensive digital ones because I need to be very specific timing wise on when I ovulate. There are others, mush less in cost, that you can use. The less expensive ones leave more room for interpretation and its sometimes hard to pin point exactly when you ovulated.

Cycle Day 14 ( 3/21/16) I went into the office for a base scan to see how my lining is doing. So far its just “ok”, its measuring at about 2.5 on each side so a total thickness of 5mm. I already have what they call a “triple” line pattern visually on the ultrasound. This means its a well defined, good looking lining basically…lol.

We still have a good handful of days and as my follicles grow larger it’ll release more estrogen making my lining thicker and thicker.

The average woman would ovulate around this time. I on the other hand have irregular and sometimes very long cycles so we don’t anticipate me to ovulate for a good week still. Plenty enough time to let my lining grow more!

Cycle Day 15 (3/22/16) I started using the ovulation tests.

If your an average woman you would have ovulated about now and started your Luteal Phase (cycle day 15-28). Your luteal phase is very important.

During this phase your egg has been released from your ovary (day 14) and is now in your fallopian tube. The egg will stay in your tube for about 24 hours and IF your trying to conceive, needs to be fertilized during this time. IF the egg is not fertilized within 24 hours the egg starts to deteriorate.

After your hormones from the LH surge have diminished and NO egg has implanted your body will trigger itself to shed the lining and restart the process to baby all over again.

IF your egg was fertilized it will continue out of the fallopian tube and into the uterus. There it will find a good place to settle in and implant itself in that nice thick lining your body has worked so hard to grow.

Once the egg has successfully implanted (about 6-12 days after you ovulated) the egg will release hormones into your blood stream called HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin). Once in your blood stream your body will now know your are pregnant and will start releasing more progesterone. Enough progesterone is key to keeping your baby and preventing a miscarriage.

I say this phase is very important because if your Luteal Phase is too short it will start to shed its lining before your baby has fully implanted into your uterus and released HCG. To be able to have a successful pregnancy you need this phase to be between 10-14 days.pysiology-menstrual-luteal-phase

Cycle Day 18 (3/25/16) I went in again for another ultrasound check and blood work. We are just making sure I haven’t ovulated, as well as check my estrogen and progesterone levels. They should be elevated. This will also give me a good idea on how much progesterone I will need to take after they put the eggs back in.

Since we are hoping to do this cycle as natural as possible we are hoping we may not need to supplement my progesterone or if we do hopefully very little.

Todays ultrasound showed my lining is a 3.7mm on each side for a total of 7.4mm. We were hoping for a little more but we did determine I did not ovulate yet! YAY! Hopefully I’ll ovulate in a few days which will hopefully give my lining that extra time it needs to grow to at least an 8 or 9mm. The average woman, conceiving on her own would have a lining of about 7-9mm, sometimes more. During an IVF cycle though they want that lining to be closer to  10-11mm or more in thickness, on average.

Cycle Day 19 (3/26/16) WELL….because my body is dumb and of coarse nothing would work out in our favor I had a positive ovulation test today. That means I should ovulate in the next 24-36 hours.

We were hoping for a few more days.

Since no one was anticipating me to ovulate today both the Dr and Jason and I had to scramble and rearrange our schedules so I could come in last minute for an ultrasound.

Fingers crossed it was enough time to bump my lining into the 8mm thickness range……..

“NOPE…why would anything ever work out for us Bree”! (more heavy sarcasm)

During my ultrasound she measured…and remeasured….and triple checked but my lining had gone down from 3.7mm on each side to 3.1mm on each side…..for a total lining of 6.2mm in thickness.


I knew what would happen. I was already crying after I saw the first measurements so we just talked in the ultrasound room this time…prob so I could leave out the back door in tears without being seen.

Cycle is canceled.

No transfer this month.

Yet another month goes by of waiting.

Another month with no baby.

We started this journey with a Due date of July 2016, then November 2016 and now we won’t have a baby until sometime in 2017.

It just never really ends.

~Bree and her lame, dumb freaking uterus

After Today’s Appt (3/21/16):

  1. $121.00 Ultrasound

After Todays’ Appt (3/25/16):

  1. $121.00 Ultrasound
  2. $14.00 Blood work
  3. $111.00 Labs

After Today’s Appt (3/26/16):

  1. 121.00

Acupuncture Totals:

  1. $130.00 (2 appts)

Totals from all Appts:

  1. $618.00



*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF, Q & A with Me

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