4/28/16 Gearing up… AGAIN

4/28/2016 (remember these are all back dated journal entries)

Running Total: $20,730*

We last left the office with nothing…kind of seems to be a theme here huh?

Our failed attempt at a natural FET cycle was canceled. My lining had such high hopes and then failed miserably where it counted most.

Who knows why my lining started to sluff off, I started my period on “time-ish” so it wasn’t me started my period early.

The hopes of a total natural cycle squashed, we could possibly try and try again but we’ve already been into this journey for almost 9 months and I’m ready to be pregnant. Those eggs will be happier in my uterus.

Bound and determined to not let this, out of all the things and ALL the bad news we’ve gotten, THIS will not be another undoing. I let myself be sad, angry, whatever for a couple of days and then I moved on.


We’ll be doing a “supplemented version” of a natural FET.

I’ll supplement with estrogen starting on Day 10 of my cycle. This added estrogen will help with my lining and hopefully will kick it up the little bit we need to be able to do our transfer this cycle.

Day 1….always comes as a “friendly” reminder that we yet again aren’t pregnant.

Day 10….a routine ultrasound. I already have that triple lining look, this is great. My lining is only at a 1.7, which means its a total thickness of 3.4mm. Remember we need an 8 or more.

Today I started supplemented estrogen which oddly enough is the same thing as your everyday normal birth control pill, just a much different dosage.

More acupuncture. More supplements. More teas, and warm liquids…more of all the weird things HA! Though I’ve added in avocados, newer research shows that avocados in your diet…alot of them, can up yours odds while doing IVF.

Day 15…Yet another ultrasound. My lining is at an impressive 4.3, total lining of 8.6!!!

*sigh* (this time of relief) we’ve made it to an 8mm lining people! A freakin’ 8! 8! We have an 8MM lining!!! Ekk!!! Finally some good news!

Day 17…I was supposed to go in today and be monitored one more time before we scheduled my trigger shot. But my body randomly deiced to show a positive ovulation test. We didn’t really want to see this but it’s also not really bad news.

Day 18…Ultrasound appt today, my lining annoyingly has stayed at a 4.3, total lining thickness of 8.6mm but its still an 8! It should be more but I don’t care…we can transfer.

We scheduled the transfer for 5/5/16. For now I go home and start those awful progesterone shots and my prednisone.

All we can do now it hope that my lining stays and in 4 days we have a successful frozen embryo transfer.

Fingers Crossed!


Appointment totals:

  1. Acupuncture: $195.00
  2. Ultrasounds: $363.00

Total: $558.00

*rounded number

Blog Posts to come per reader request: IVF vs Tubal Reversal, The Cost of IVF, Q & A with Me

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