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17413_10204807487800879_2320504161761850310_nThis is my husband, Jason and I (Bree). We fell in love in a romantic whirl wind romance of what you could even say was “Love at First Sight.” This blog is meant as a way to document our journeys, lessons learned, love, life and family and if you’d like to join along well that’d be just fine with us!

We’ve been married 2 years now (Aug 2nd, 2014) and have 3 beautiful children, ages 9,6 and 5. Our children are shared and come from my previous marriage. My husband and I have no actual children together but to someone on the street you’d never know.

About a year ago (Aug 2015) we decided that our family wasn’t fully complete. Crazy right?!?! We already have 3 kids…how much bigger does a family of 5 need to be! Lol! Don’t get me wrong we had really come to enjoy or “mandatory weekends” off. Some would say having every other weekend off from the kids would be argument enough to not have any Read more…more children.

Let me tell you it was….at first. Date nights on Friday and Saturday nights, out to the movies, sleeping in you’d never think that would’ve gotten old. Crazy enough, it did. After awhile we ended up working some of the weekends, get bored or to be honest… spent WAY to much money on a weekend out….but every other weekends out! There came a time where the baby itch became stronger and stronger, being a newborn photographer doesn’t help that itch, and the weekends out became less and less appealing.

If you broke it down to the cycle of a relationship it would go like this:

Man meets woman. Courtship aka dating. Marriage. Children. Then you lose your mind. HA!

SO it isn’t too impossible to believe that two people who shared a love so deep, just like many married couples, would not want to embrace and grow that love and start a family…or in our case add to?

The small issue with that is we could not conceive naturally on our own.

After my daughter was born I decided getting my tubes tied would be a good idea. My marriage wasn’t what I had thought it was anymore. We had grown apart, married too young and married for the love we shared of a child; our first born. Having more children in the current life situation I was in just was not a smart idea. Three children is a lot of kids, I did NOT need nor what anymore. In Oct 2011 I had a tubal ligation, my current Dr. at the time performed this surgery with the clip method “the easiest method to reverse.” I told her she was crazy at the time, she refused my asking for “complete and utter removal of any and all tubes” and went ahead with the clips. HA!

Once Jason and I decided this was something we were going to pursue I dug my head deep into researching what the best route for us would be. Tubal Reversal? IVF? Adoption? After much research, discussion from first hand experience and extra testing on both my husband and I’s part; it looked like IVF was the route we would be taking. We did our first IVF round in Sept. 2015.

Its now been a year and we’ll be starting another IVF round. The blog posts will start back dated from the beginning. This will be a way for me to reflect, document and remember all we’ve been through and what is yet to come. As more and more entries are posted the closer to being current the posts will get. Of coarse, if you’ve stumbled on this a year later you can just fast forward to the end of our IVF story but then you’ll miss it all.

The blog will also be an outlet to sharing our home remodel, our life up and downs, my crazy ramblings, DIYing and so many more fun things! Enjoy and Welcome!

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~The Minter’s